Allen Hall Media

is a student-run media and production agency at the University of Oregon. Our agency includes a diverse group of students from Journalism, Public Relations, and Advertising majors. As an agency, we produce videos for local businesses and organizations in the Eugene community, such as the University of Oregon housing department. Allen Hall Media is a new agency that began in May of 2018. As the advertising director, it has been my job to work with the creative team to set the tone of the agency through the website, allenhallmedia, develop a manifesto, and work with the team to create content for our social media outlets, @allenhallmedia. It’s been a great learning experience to be the first advertising director at a woman led agency that started from scratch.

The creative team has worked as a cohesive unit to brand the agency: director myself, art direction Emily Harris and Marin Motylewski, and social media Adrianna Grigorian

Where we started: developing a manifesto that exemplifies our values (left)

Where it took us: to a logo that represented our versatile skillset (middle)

Where we strive to be: creating work that’s crafted specifically to each client (right)

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